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Real Estate Wholesalers In Arizona

Real Estate Wholesalers In Arizona

Did you know there is a more discreet way to buy a property? Some homeowners use private listings or a specific real estate professional who does not use public pages to list their properties. These private listings are what we call off-market listings or pocket listings because they are secrets from the real estate agent’s pockets.

The National Association of Realtors created a policy to help manage these listings, which means it should be easy to find a legit and fair deal through a verified business. Real estate wholesaling policing states that agents and brokers can exchange information about the property without putting it on public listings.

What Is Different About Off-Market Listings?

Real estate off-market listings were originally only meant for higher levels of real estate and, therefore, not accessible to the network of realtors and brokers who would have access to hundreds of interested clients. Some people are confused about buying real estate through off-market arrangements because they do not understand all the merits involved.  

There are online platforms where realtors can post and access these properties, but these platforms are only accessible by authorized realtors and agents.

How Sellers Benefit From Our Off-Market Listings

Maintain The Property’s Privacy

Private wholesale real estate deals offer many advantages to buyers who want more peace of mind from the fanfare constantly bidding on the property. Agents and realtors share information in an informal network but do not invite the public to make offers as they would in a public listing.

The lack of publication means the seller can easily control the transaction process, so they pass the home to a buyer who truly cares about it or has a lot to benefit from buying that particular home. As a real estate investor, you may want to take advantage of this listing because it helps conceal your financial status and gives you a bargaining chip with more financial incentives.

Smooth Transaction

Off-market real estate deals offer a considerable advantage to sellers who do not want to kick out their renters during the early phase of the sale. You will never feel pressured to make the home available for viewing as soon as you put it on the market because the off-market selling process limits the number of showings and allows the process to run more smoothly.

More Time To Fix The Negotiation

Off-market listings are easier to negotiate because buyers are more receptive to the terms and contingencies you outline beforehand. In addition, you have time to get and use fix and flip loans for a couple of distressed areas around the home because the competition is less stiff than it would be with a conventional sale.

Are you trying to sell a house fast in Phoenix, AZ? We have an off-market system that offers unique opportunities to sellers who want a silent and fast release of their hidden gem to a trusted buyer. Similarly, buyers can get the best of the market through our real estate wholesalers in Arizona, mainly because all of our homes have pre-approvals for the best loans for flipping houses. Take your time to speak with our real estate wholesalers in Arizona at 480-442-2701 if you are looking for new off-market listings to boost your investment or residential portfolio.