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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Buy Homes in Poor Condition?

Absolutely! Every home has potential and we’re ready to make a cash offer on yours today. Your home will be purchased as-is so there’s no need to worry about repairs or inspections beforehand. Even homes with flood or fire damage are prime candidates for us.

In Which Areas Does AZFlip.com Buy and Sell?

We work heavily in the greater Phoenix area but have helped investors and sellers find success all across Arizona! Any type of property can be bought or  sold with single-family homes and residential lots being our specialty.

When AZFlip.com Sells a Home, Do You Guarantee Clear Title?

Absolutely!  Once you identify a home to purchase off our website, we will notify you of which title company to deposit earnest money.  The title company will provide a title insurance policy for the property that you can review and approve prior to purchase. 

Do You Offer Financial Assistance?

Yes! Our hard money loans can help anyone secure funding for their off-market home purchase with no credit requirements.

Do I Need Existing Assets To Get a Hard Money Loan?

Not at all! Hard money loans function similarly to a traditional mortgage in that they use the property being bought as collateral for the loan. This is why there’s no credit score requirement for our hard money loans.  You will only need enough funds for your down payment and closing costs with the title company.

Who Pays the Closing Costs on a Sale or Purchase?

Whether buying or selling with AZFlip.com, the buyer will always pay all the closing costs in the transaction. 

Does AZFlip.com Offer Commissions to Realtors?

The price of our homes for sale listed on the website do not include commissions to a real estate agent.  However, if you are an agent looking to make a commission, just offer the property to your client at a slight mark up to include the commissions amount you require.  If you do this, then AZFlip.com can pay you that amount in commissions through title at closing.

Does My House Need To Be Unoccupied Before Selling?

It does not. While vacant units are preferred, occupied property can still be sold to AZFlip.com. All we ask is that you provide us with information such as when you expect the current occupant to be out or if there are any existing issues with occupant that we should be aware of.

Do Off-Market Houses Always Need Repairs?

Not necessarily. There are multiple reasons why a homeowner may prefer to sell to AZFlip.com rather than listing the property publicly. You’ll definitely find plenty of homes that need some rehab before being flipped, but you’ll also find move-in ready properties that you can flip or add to your investment portfolio as rental property.

What if My Home Is Currently Listed Publicly?

We’re still interested! Typically there’s no problem with choosing to sell a listed property off-market, but you need to check the contract you have with your real estate agent beforehand. You may need to pay them an additional fee or compensate them for the time they’ve invested in the listing.